Mid City Redevelopment Alliance

Mission Statement: We develop and promote the growth and revitalization of Mid City Baton Rouge by attracting new and retaining current residents and businesses.

We are advancing economic progress and community prosperity because we believe our community can work better for everyone. We create opportunities for people to live in affordable homes, improve their lives and strengthen our community -- to make Mid City a place where everyone can live, work, play and shop.

  • Homeownership Preservation
  • Homeownership Promotion
  • Community Building and Engagement
  • Real Estate Development
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Mid City Redevelopment Alliance was founded by the Baton Rouge General in the fall of 1991. As the first not-for-profit organization in Baton Rouge created to address the challenges of a specific geographic region, Mid City Redevelopment Alliance has established itself as one of the most dynamic and successful community development organizations in our city.


We practice comprehensive community development through the prioritization of people and place. Collaboration is central to the work, and is enhanced by diverse relationships supported by a mixed array of resources advancing a multi-tiered community revitalization process. MCRA strives to provide all members of the community an opportunity to share in the benefits of revitalization. The organization is committed to empowering individuals and neighborhoods to effect impactful and sustainable change from within the community.

We're Making a Difference


Our team is working hard to improve housing, neighborhoods and communities for families.

People and families supported in their home buying process
Homes rehabbed or repaired with the support of volunteers
Partners and residents engaged in events and service projects
New construction, single-family, affordable homes built