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Housing First knows that affordable housing is a necessity. We're hoping to cut through the noise to get you the answers you need to find quality housing, live in safe neighborhoods and become a housing advocate yourself.


Impacting People's Lives

Housing is a Right for All

Shelter, security, and dignity are fundamental human needs, so access to housing — for absolutely everyone — is a primary public policy concern.

Our homes and neighborhoods set the stage for our lives.

The importance of housing when achieving social and economic success is such a universal belief that people search for housing based on proximity to schools, access to jobs, perceptions of safety and the shared values of neighbors.
Housing is health.


PHASE I of Our Housing study

East Baton Rouge Parish Has A Housing Crisis

Research has shown that housing problems have ripple effects on health, education, economic mobility, child welfare, civil rights, criminal justice, and more. Affordable, stable, and quality housing options for all types of households and income levels can lead to better outcomes.

Cost Burdened Families

44% of Louisiana residents spend more than 35% of their monthly income on rent - that's the 5th highest in the United States.
To afford a two bedroom apartment in our parish, families have to make $17.19, but the LA minimum wage has remained $7.25 for years.

Low Housing Supply

19% of East Baton Rouge Parish does not have enough affordable housing to meet the needs of the residents, leaving 900 residents at risk of homelessness annually and 3,500 people seeking housing assistance services.

Limited Support Services

East Baton Rouge Parish only has 900 units of public housing and 3,900 housing vouchers, leaving 3,400 people on indefinite waitlists for services.
EBR Housing Authority is planning to add X additional units in the next X years, but this still leaves a gap in our affordable housing needs.


PHASE I of Our Housing study

The Housing Crisis Hurts Some More Than Others

East Baton rouge Parish is one of the most segregated places in the country. Our housing is reflected of this problem and we see the effects of segregation manifested in both the economic opportunities health outcomes in our communities.


Make a Difference

How You Can Get Involved

Please join us in addressing our housing crisis and pursuing our strategies to ensure every person in East Baton Rouge Parish has safe, quality, affordable housing.

Here's what you can do next:
1. Join our mail list to stay connected to our initiatives and calls to action.

Strategies to Ensure Housing For All

  • 1. Reclaim Properties
  • 2. Title-clearing clinics
  • 3. Home improvement and rehab programs
  • 4. Increase home ownership
  • 5. Encourage housing equity through shared ownership models
  • 6. Increase access to capital in areas of low homeownership
  • 7. Protect tenants from retaliatory evictions
  • 8. Increase quality affordable rental stock
  • 9. Leverage health sector
  • 10. Increase low- and moderate-income housing in high opportunity areas
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