Build BR

Mission Statement: Bringing people and resources together to promote equitable investment, innovative development, and thriving communities across all of Baton Rouge.

In pursuit of these strategic goals we engage in real estate development, urban planning, public finance, the administration of federal community development grants, and land banking. Our efforts seek to transform Baton Rouge’s built environment in ways that enhance the natural, economic, and social environments.

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  • Develop and revitalize disinvested areas
  • Drive economic impact through equitable investment
  • Advance partnerships to build community-wide capacity
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Building Baton Rouge

Build Baton Rouge was created as The East Baton Rouge Redevelopment Authority by the 2007 Louisiana Legislature and began operations in 2009. It is governed by a five-member Board of Directors and its jurisdiction includes the entirety of East Baton Rouge Parish. Board members are appointed by the City of Baton Rouge/East Baton Rouge Parish Mayor-President, the Baton Rouge Area Foundation, and the Baton Rouge Area Chamber. The Authority was created to “formulate a workable program or programs for using appropriate private and public resources to eliminate and prevent the development or spread of slums and blight, to encourage needed rehabilitation, and to provide for the redevelopment of slum or blighted areas, or to undertake other feasible parochial activities as may be suitably employed to achieve the objectives of such workable program.”

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Our team is working hard to improve housing, neighborhoods and communities for families.

Community Partners and Stakeholders
Current Land Bank Properties
Gap Financing for Commercial Development
Funding Received From HUD